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Do our prayers change God's mind?

Posted by [email protected] on April 2, 2015 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (4)


Well happy spring dear ones!

I often get prayer requests from people around petitioning God for something specific. Theses are often material things like a new job, a new car, new home, a relationship, a specific healing outcome, etc. I must admit this is about right in line with the way I used to pray in years past too; that was until I realized who I am and what I'm entitled to. I am a Divine being having a Divine experience and anything on this physical plane to the contrary or less than a divine experience, is nothing more then an illusion, like a nightmare. It's nothing more then a passing cloud covering up the warmth and light of the sun (or in our cases the Divine). It does not so much need to be prayed about or over as it needs to be seen for what it is (an illusion) and transcended. And it is the vehicle of prayer that does exactly that.

I pray to remind myself of who and what I really am, about how I could be walking through this life instead of how I'm walking in this present moment that is presenting itself as lack on some level. There is no lack. There could never be lack for us. As a Divine being I have inherited the qualities of the Divine such as (but certainly not limited to) joy, peace, love, divine wisdom, abundance, health and wholeness. These things and more are mine (and yours) inherently. These things are in unlimited supply and available to us all the time. They are mine in each moment that I am reminded of this truth. The more I align myself to this good, these things of God, the more of them I tend to manifest on this earthly plane.

So you see it is not about asking for money, but instead claiming the Divine quality of abundance as something that is inherently mine.  These are not foxhole prayers of desperation and supplication; they are joyous affirmations and contemplations about what and who I really am. It's not about turning to the things of this world and acting as if they could ever plug the hole of the day, it is really about understanding the true source of supply and seeking that, aligning with that, focusing on that. The more I focus on that, the more all my human needs are satisfied.

So prayer... changing God's mind, asking for some specical favor that he/she/it has been withholding from me up to this point, his beloved child?...I should say not. Prayer is about changing my mind and opening up to all the good (or God) that is just waiting for my invitation. :D

Bonsai dear friend! 8)


12/5/2014- It's all about what you focus on man...

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I often get asked by people to pray for them... and what that usually translates to is, please pray for a certain intention, like... a cure for an illness or a new job or a new car. People ask for these things as they believe that is what will make them happy or make their present pain go away. But I have come to understand that these things are not typically what bring about long lasting happiness. These things are all at the level of effect. If we want to be happy or have long-lasting peace or other things we would label as good, we must tap into the source. To do this effectively, we must examine what we believe about source, divine creation, god or whatever we each call it. Do you believe that source is power, love, knowledge and all things good? If you do, maybe you trust that source is always pushing these things your way, because there is nothing but good to push or radiate or deliver. If this is true, than the only thing we ever need to pray about (or think about, since each thought is in fact a pray) is the divine, god, the creator. If we focus on the divine via prayer and meditation and daydreaming, visualization, etc., then as a consequence we are focused on the realm of cause ( the divine and all things good.) The more we focus on that realm, the more we are calling into being (and by this I mean allowing, because it is always pushing to us the good, its all around us, in us and through us, but we are not always open to that) those things; wholeness, love, peace, abundance and more. We don't need to try and control it by being prescriptive about it, we could leave that to higher intelligence and trust that the best possible outcome will be formed as we do our part. So what's out part? What do we do? All we need to do is not block our good, by focusing on whatever the "problem" or perceived lack is. And how is that we focus on lack? through speaking about it, thinking about it, buying into it with fear or nervousness or desperation and more then this in acting on this fear in anyway, (trying to control or direct it, fighting it off, etc). If we believe in the power of the divine realm (cause), there is no need to do anything but trust. All we are ever called to do is trust and allow and put our focus in whatever is good, brings us peace, Joy and a sense of love and connection. Sounds too simple to be true... try it for a period of time and get back to me.... :)