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Getting Ready for 2015 thoughts
Jan 2015
November 2014
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11/11/2014- Happy veteran's day to all. 

Today is a day we celebrate veterans who have given service to our country. Thank you for your service to us all. In addition to this, I'd like to say thank you to all those who give service to others. Thank you for all you do. In fact I was thinking today, just imagine what it would be like to bless and be grateful to all people each day as each one of us gives service in some way. Imagine what it would be like to take the same energy and spirit we have for our service men and women on this one day and extended it to all people each day. I am thinking we would all have more smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. Blessings to all!


Greetings all. I hope this day finds you well. I would like to invite you to join a new movement called, "The Love Transforming Life Movement". https://www.facebook.com/LoveTransformingLife

The mission is quite simple-  Get the entire universe reverberating love in all their affairs. What you focus your time and energy on tends to grow, and what you think about manifests on the physical plane after the nature of those very thoughts. The slogan of this movement is " Making this world a better place, 1 thought at a time."  

So the suggestion is to join in every waking hour on the hour and affirm the following sentiment:

Today I choose to,

  • Think only love
  • Speak only love
  • Feel only love
  • Hear only love
 It takes approximately 10 seconds to say this and then call up the feeling of love in however is best for you.

I know this sounds incredibly simple...and it is...but it is also incredibly powerful. For me it's been like an invisible hook into all my affairs throughout the day. When I would normally be a bit harsh or forceful with my point of view, doing this exercise has broken in through those moments and I soften and am more gentle and receptive to others. And all this has done is impacted those I am dealing with to become more receptive to me and others. More gets done, more quickly and allows us all to keep our peace.
But it goes deeper then this. Since I have been able to keep my peace through situations that would normally be upsetting to me, it somehow sets me up for a better day, week, month etc. It's as if one small act of love is so powerful that it counteracts other thoughts/deeds/words that are absent of love. And one person taking on this challenge is fantastic and this could certainly change  a corner of the world, but as more and more of us become receptive to this movement and join as one,  some really unbelievable things could start to manifest.

I invite you to join the movement for you, your children/grandchildren, your family/friends, co-workers and the world at https://www.facebook.com/LoveTransformingLife ...or if you are not on FB just affirm the sentiment above every waking hour on the hour- it will be the most powerful 10 seconds of your life and the type of return you will receive does not come from the stock market. :)
And please pass it on!. Let's see what love can do.
Love and Blessings!

11/26/2014-What we are, using a sailing reference

Spirit/Soul/Body are the three parts of “man/woman”. And in that sense they make up the whole of what man is (1 part Divine/2 parts Human), however they are not “one” as some metaphysicians have been known to say. Spirit is Divine and changeless and absolute. Soul and Body belong to the human or illusionary realm. Since the body and soul are subject to change and the Spirit is absolute/principle/changeless it could not be all one. Body could not "live inside" the Spirit and Spirit could not "live inside" the body. In “Lessons in Truth”, by Emile Cady, she gives the analogy of steam/water/Ice separated only by degree of condensation to relate to these three parts of man being all one. This for me is not accurate - as this implies that God- or Divine realm can change and that fails to meet the basic definition of God or Spirit being without change. Spirit/God is the same yesterday/today and tomorrow. That which changes, cannot be part of that which DOES NOT change.

A more correct way of presenting this philosophical viewpoint, that stays consistent with the generally accepted definition of God is that Spirit is of the Divine or Spirit realm, which is the only REAL realm in actuality. The Human realm can be built via human thoughts (either individual thoughts or collective thoughts) acting on Divine Substance (Divine Ideas- which are also changeless). But if it can be built, it can also cease to be. This is consistent as this realm is one of change. It’s like a child playing with Legos, it is one thing today and something quite different tomorrow. If it is subject to change- the God-realm cannot be part of that realm in anyway. God could not be “in” something that can be destroyed as it violates the very definition of that which is absolute and without change. God is… always.

Instead of presenting it this was as the “its all one” argument which is incongruent with the definition of God as changeless; the more precise description is that they (the three parts of man) are all in relation to each other. The Spirit can yield the soul and the soul can yield the body.

While embracing this definition, we are still consistent with God or Spirit as everywhere present- because in the absolute since Spirit is all there is. That makes anything that is subject to change an illusion relative to the Divine or Absolute realm.

And this is why anything of the human realm MUST be an illusion.

So now to the sailing analogy, and I must give credit for this analogy to Fenwicke Holmes (older brother of Ernest) as a high level way to look at God and us. God/Divine is the wind, our soul is the sail and the body is the destination. The wind is always there; it does not care how it is used or by whom; in that regard it quite impersonal. It is a power that is available at all times. Our souls are able to use the wind to move the boat by changing the positions of the sails (our thoughts). The wind does not get involved with directing the sails; it simple goes on supplying the power. If we use the power of the wind correctly, we will get to our destination, if not, we may spend years going around in circles. The course we chart is the body (or what is created- a beautiful voyage to a lovely destination or us circling around the inside of the same harbor over and over again.)

So far it all lines up, but many of us believe (and I have been one to say this as well) that God is both impersonal and personal. It feels good to think this way. Who wants to think of a loving God as someone/something who does not care how you use your sails. I want a God who cares, and one who will hold me in his arms when I get scared, and one who is father and mother…and one who lives in the cloud and can swoop down like spider man to save me when I am in too deep. Don’t laugh, sometimes I do. However I don’t believe any of that is what is possible or what God is. God is principle and Law and changeless, not one who has anthropomorphic feelings like we do that are here today, gone tomorrow. Back to our binding definition, God is changeless.

So I believe that the notion of God as personal is an important one that has been created in the soul or human realm by us. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with this as long as we are clear that it is a function of the human mind and not the Truth in the absolute sense of the word. I must share personally about one of the most important lessons I have ever gotten -from a friend who helped me when I was in a very bad way to see God as a huge whale. And she encouraged me to climb up on the back of this whale and spend some time in my minds-eye diving into and jumping out of the ocean. What this did, was take me away from ruminating on the problem at hand and transform my thoughts onto God the whale, who is big and strong and secure and filled with love and Joy. This worked like a charm and has worked for so many others that I shared this story with. Bottom line it is focusing on the God qualities of Divine Mind and NOT on the problem. I am a fan of the concept of a personal God.

There is nothing wrong or cheap or dirty or inferior about the human realm. It can be a wonderful experience especially as it is influenced more and more by our God-selves. My personal revelation after years of trying to make these equations and definitions work out, is that only those things that are Divine and without change are real and they do not include by definition those things of the human or material or physical realm (soul/body). It is not all one, as the one and only is Spirit and never the two shall meet except in how they influence each other. This leaves me on the outside looking in of some metaphysical circles or at least many of the Unity writers that I know and love, who have inspired me so completely over the years. However if Charles and Myrtle were here and Emile Cady and perhaps some of the others, they might have refined their point of view. At least I am hoping we would have gotten into a healthy debate to expand our understanding of the Truth. Either way, I know they would at least applauded me for taking the time to consider another way to see it even if they disagreed with my argument and outcomes.

Finally, why is this important at all? Why even bother making this distinction of what is real and what is not, what changes and what doesn't? I believe that the more clearly we understand who God is and who we are, the more cleanly, effectively and “miraculously” we can manifest on this earthly excursion. Like many of these brilliant writers, teachers and mystics have said, our true Joy comes from knowing God and ever evolving our states of consciousness. I welcome some more joy!

December 2014
!2/5/2014- It's all about what you focus on man...
I often get asked by people to pray for them... and what that usually translates to is,  please pray for a certain intention, like... a cure for an illness or a new job or a new car. People ask for these things as they believe that is what will make them happy or make their present pain go away.  But I have come to understand that these things are not typically what bring about long lasting happiness. These things are all at the level of effect. If we want to be happy or have long-lasting peace or other things we would label as good, we must tap into the source.  To do this effectively, we must examine what we believe about source, divine creation, god or whatever we each call it. Do you believe that source is power, love, knowledge and all things good? If you do, maybe you trust that source is always pushing these things your way, because there is nothing but good to push or radiate or deliver. If this is true, than the only thing we ever need to pray about (or think about, since each thought is in fact a pray) is the divine, god, the creator.  If we focus on the divine via prayer and meditation and daydreaming, visualization, etc., then as a consequence we are focused on the realm of cause ( the divine and all things good.)  The more we focus on that realm, the more we are calling into being (and by this I mean allowing, because it is always pushing to us the good, its all around us, in us and through us, but we are not always open to that) those things; wholeness, love, peace, abundance and more. We don't need to try and control it by being prescriptive about it, we could leave that to higher intelligence and trust that the best possible outcome will be formed as we do our part. So what's out part? What do we do? All we need to do is not block our good, by focusing on whatever the "problem" or perceived lack is. And how is that we focus on lack? through speaking about it, thinking about it, buying into it with fear or nervousness or desperation and more then this in acting on this fear in anyway, (trying to control or direct it, fighting it off, etc).  If we believe in the power of the divine realm (cause), there is no need to do anything but trust. All we are ever called to do is trust and allow and put our focus in whatever is good, brings us peace, Joy and a sense of love and connection. Sounds too simple to be true... try it for a period of time and get back to me.... :)

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